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The Perfect Distance

Training for Long Course Triathlons

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The Perfect Distance: Training for Long Course Triathlons is packed with technique and drills and built on Joe Friel's proven Ultrafit platform. The Perfect Distance is the first book to equip triathletes for the long course. Half-Ironman races are the fastest-growing distance in triathlong and a pivotal stepping stone toward the sport's ultimate challenge - the Ironman.

Every facet of effective preparation for a long course event is thoroughly outlined. Extensive appendixes featuring workouts for swim, bike, run, key training sessions, and indoor training make this book the ultimate resource. Sport-specific chapters and detailed instruction on selecting equipment, making smart nutrition decisions, strength training, and overcoming injuries make up a complete resource for triathletes.

The Perfect Distance is a great book for anyone who wants to race farther AND faster. Experienced triathletes know the importance of continually refining their skills and technique in all three sports if they want to remain injury-free and improve their race time. Rodgers takes a comprehensive approach to each sport, identifying the tips and drills that lead to better performance, and providing dozens of workouts to use in your training progression.

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